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Photo session Preparation Guideline

Consult physician for your fitness session

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Photo session preparation is very important to your safety. Getting a fitness photography session done can be quite exciting. Even though preparing for one can be a handful.  Especially if you want a session, as it includes some fitness preparation. One thing to keep in mind before undergoing any harsh exercise routine or medications, is to always consult a physician or a doctor for the perfect way to do a fitness preparation. Extreme workouts and strong medications can wreak havoc on your body if not controlled in the right way. Talk to your doctor and see what they recommend for a healthy diet and workout to get you ready.

A list of recommendations:

To make it easier for you, we have come up with a list of fitness preparation things you need to do and take care of, before coming for your session.

  • A few days before the session, make sure you avoid things that aid water retention like salt. Even out your tan avoid bringing any clothing which reveals your tan lines – unless of course you want them to be seen. Try out all the clothes you might wear during the photo shoot and make sure they all fit properly and do not give out a “worn-out” look.
  • If you plan on doing your own hair and makeup, be sure to practice a few times. And as you might have noticed, models in fitness shoots are almost completely hairless on the body. A hairy body does not compliment your muscles, so try and shave it off for a neat and clean look. Also, make sure your facial hair is well-trimmed and presentable. A clean shave will be the preferred option, but you can opt for a short, neat stubble.
  • On the day of your fitness session, bring in as many clothes and props you wish. You can never overdo it. And a fitness session also calls for a large towel and some wet wipes. Many things that may look good, may look bad through the lens. Try to keep your outfit plain so the emphasis remains on your body. Do not opt for heavily printed designs. You can have some statement accessories and makeup to add an “oomph” factor, though.

Discuss your goals

  • Make sure to start relaxing a few days before the shoot. You will be benefiting your shoot in ways you cannot imagine. Stress shows on your face and body. In fact, stress can also cause you to get pimples and red spots, which you do not wish to have during a fitness photo shoot because most of your body will be bare and visible.
  • Before the photo session, talk to your photographer and plan out some shots. Discuss what your goal is and what you wish to achieve out of the shoot. The photographer will be able to guide you for some further tips and tricks which can make your shoot even better.
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Finally, make sure you show up on time, or even better, earlier than the appointment. This will help you get your mind a little more relaxed and help you get mentally prepared for your fitness session.

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